My name is Nelia. I am 21 years old, 160cm tall and weight 49 kg.

Ana-Mia found me around 3 years ago. My weight was around 55 kg, i was fat and unhappy.

I am trying hard to avoid being mia, but when i am having those days when i start munching every thing i can find , my dear friend mia stands by my side.

My lowest weight has been 45 kg and I want to get back there. My absolute goal would be aound 43.. but one step at a time. 


Why I became anamia? Long story short.. it all started out when I was sixteen.. my best friend always thiner and more pretty than I am and was getting all the attention. I started feeling bad about my self ( at that point my weight was around 46kg) and started to admire her for her looks and self discepline.

Then she got together with my exboyfriend (who i was still madly in love with) and she became pregnant.

That was the point where i stopped eating and wanting to be like her. 

Today it isn't my goal anymore to be like , but to be better  thiner and mor beautyful than her.